• Hi! My name is Babatola “Tola” Oguntoyinbo and I’m the founder of ArtSpeakAds. I came up with the concept for ArtspeakAds out of frustration. It can be tough getting exposure for one’s work and in conversation after conversation I’ve had with fellow artists and friends, the subject of “how to get seen” is a recurring theme. Juried shows, contests, e-commerce sites, and social media/network outreach efforts all have their own inherent opportunities for exposure, but I’m fairly convinced that there are yet still other ways to crack the puzzle. ArtSpeakAds is a start-up that is all about cracking the exposure puzzle for visual artists.

    Our mission is to turn the world into your gallery by transforming online spaces (e.g. our buddy, the ubiquitous banner ad unit) into something worth taking a closer look at. We want to be in the position to show you, the artist, how many people are looking at your work online and what they are doing when they interact with it. These are exciting times and I am looking forward to continuing to develop a top-notch service that helps get more eyeballs on your work.

    Drop us a line with your ideas or questions. If you are an interested artist, get started with us by creating an account and if you are a publisher sign up on our publishers page. Thank You!